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Sh*tholes R Us So #45 is at his antics again . He called Haiti, African Countries, and El Salvador "Shithole Countries" and he'd rather have Norwegians in the USA and send folks of Color Back. Now Tell me that Ain't Racist.  Good One, Orange Butthole. Diamyn and Yannick discuss resolutions, MLK Day and Support Us By Going… Continue reading Sh*tholes R Us

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Ginuwine and India #TimesUp Happy 2018. 10 Days in and the mess done hit the fan. Ginuwine is called "transphobic," when we rejected transwomen India Willoughby's advances. This woman even tried to force him to kiss her. Ironically, Charlamagne of the Breakfast club defends him. H & M makes a racist ad labeling a Black child a Monkey....What… Continue reading Ginuwine and India #TimesUp

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You Got to Earn It

So in 2018, I decided that when It comes to dating, that whomever is wanting time with me, they've got to earn it. Here's the back story (and some product placement). Back in 2017, I had a 22 year old who's ego I had to crush. We had one date, however any other time we… Continue reading You Got to Earn It

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This Christmas This Christmas will be a very special Christmas for ME! Happy Holidays Everyone. Happy New Year. Enjoy your holiday season and drink plenty of Egg Nog, Support Black, Trans, & Beautiful by Donating to Skyn You're In : Mayvenn :